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Cody Wenthur

As a neuropharmacologist and pharmacist, my research focuses on the application and development of methods and tools to translationally relevant issues arising at the interface of mental health and substance abuse. Within this overall goal, I have assessed the structure-function relationships of key proteins and small molecules that modify serotonergic signaling, as well as experience analyzing psychedelic and pro-neuroplastic drug actions on antidepressant-like activity. Furthermore, I have undertaken genetic studies looking at sets of non-synonymous mutations in receptor families responsible for long-term learning and memory formation and their association with risk of psychiatric diagnoses, and have developed immunopharmacologic techniques that can probe the mechanism of action of complex psychoactive drug mixtures. Finally, I employ survey models and educational outreach approaches to engage with and understand the logistical and ethical implications of both established and novel therapeutic approaches within psychiatric treatment, including addiction vaccine and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy models.
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